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Welcome Westside Alumni!

Dear Alumni,

Westside is full of rich traditions and relationships that do not end at graduation. The bonds you formed while at Westside are special and rarely found in other places. As an alumnus, you will forever be a part of the Westside family. Your participation through time, talent, and resources are what will continue to keep Westside strong.

There are so many opportunities to reconnect at Westside. Join us for athletic events, concerts, art exhibits, plays, and programs; speak in chapel or to a class; come back for reunions; or financially support programs to benefit current Westside students.

We want to see you at every opportunity. Stay in touch! Let us know what is happening in your life. We would love to help you stay connected with your friends and classmates.

We look forward to seeing you!

Many alumni are now watching the next generation experience Westside. Pictured below are alumni parents supporting the Westside baseball team. The 22-23 school year has 18 students who are children of WCHS alumni. 

stay in touch!

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